Pregnancy & Childbirth

These topics are very near and dear to me. Since I became pregnant with our first baby in 2007, I have done SO much research on pregnancy and childbirth. I decided, after doing a lot of reading at that point, that I wanted to birth our baby naturally – without the use of any drugs or medical interventions. I was low-risk, and the more research I did, the more I realized that there are many more low-risk pregnancies than what most people are aware of. I began to become quite skeptical of the medical world, and with good reason. I went on to have a natural birth, in a hospital, since I wasn’t able to have a midwife back then and had to go with a doctor. There were things I wouldn’t have done now that I look back and know what I know, but for me, I was proud of what I had accomplished, and couldn’t believe I’d done it since I thought I didn’t have a very high tolerance for pain.

Labour 8 Perfect Portrait B&W LogodWith each pregnancy, I became more and more knowledgeable and experienced, and with that came confidence. I had a midwife for each pregnancy after my first, and eventually had my first home birth, my first water birth and even my first freebirth/unassisted birth. I knew after my first home birth, and the experience of care I received with my midwives in Victoria, BC, that midwifery was calling me. This is all something I feel so strongly and passionately about, that I decided I would become a midwife. It will take some time, because I have to wait until all our littles are in school full-time so that I can go to university, but I am so determined to make it a reality!

Having said all of that, I am not one to judge or point fingers. Not every woman feels she can or wants to birth naturally, at home, or unassisted. And that’s fine – to each their own. Here, though, I’ll share my experiences on those matters. It is my hope to “spread the word” and inspire others to go the same route, because I feel it’s the safest, most natural, nature-intended route to go, and that our bodies were built to birth babies. I don’t feel that doctors and medicine have a place in birth unless something is actually going wrong, and in most cases, it’s not – we are made to feel and believe that there is. So many people go with what the doctors say, when we should really be questioning them and making our own informed decisions.

Since these are such sensitive topics, please feel free to comment on these things, but I’m not looking for a debate or for rude comments. This is a friendly space to share experiences and ask questions, to learn and gain inspiration and confidence.

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