Parenting Issues

So when it comes to parenting children, each spouse might have a different idea of how to do it. My ex-husband and I came from VASTLY different backgrounds, and grew up very, very differently. It’s all trial-and-error when it comes to having your own kids.

Even though we are no longer together, we still have to keep our children’s best interests as the top priority. Dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse is extremely difficult. At the end of the day, all I want is what is best, safest, and healthiest for my children so that they are happy and are raised with good morals and values. It’s hard enough doing that in a “normal” family with two parents!

There will be all kinds of different posts in this area of my blog… different parenting styles, how to overcome issues when dealing with a narcissistic ex-spouse, how to co-parent/parallel-parent/counter-parent, how to do it as a single parent, etc.

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