Healthy Living

This area could almost be a whole other blog. It’s such a huge issue today – healthy eating. How to feed your family the right foods, while sticking to a budget and having time to prepare it all. My mom has been learning a LOT about healthy eating and teaching me what she can along the way. I hate to say it, but our kids love foods with sugar in them. I try to give them healthy meals and snacks, but like nearly every kid out there, they’re drawn to sugar-filled foods. Even foods we think are healthy, often are not. There are so many bad things put into the foods that we buy, and most of us have no idea. I’m only now just starting to realize how bad it is, how much is covered up, and the repercussions of eating the way we’ve all been bought up.

Here, I’m planning on posting information I learn about, experiences we have with feeding our family healthy, how to get your kids to go sugar-free when they love sugar, etc. Recipes, meal planning, etc. will also be here.

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