About Me

I am a recently single mom to 5 wonderful children, each with their own little personality. I have learned so much along the way, from what others have taught me and from just living day-to-day. Much of parenting comes from the unknown; there are no handbooks, so they tell us, and I try different things and go with what works for I. Each family is different, and what works for one family may not work for others. But if I can impart even a little but of wisdom and experience for some of you out there who are like-minded, then I will consider this undertaking a success.

I’m a 30’s-something stay-at-home-mom of 5 kids. My eldest is about to turn 9, her sister is turning 8 shortly thereafter, my first son turns 6 in a week, my third daughter is 4 1/2, and my second son just turned 2. Needless to say, I have a very chaotic household and live a very busy life! I currently live in southern interior BC in a beautiful area of the West Koortenays. I’ve been here for about a year, and previously lived in the Northwest Territories in Canada for three years. Before that, I lived on Vancouver Island in BC, just outside Victoria, and also the Banff/Canmore area in beautiful Alberta. I am originally from southern Ontario – so yes, I’ve lived in quite a few different places in my adult life! I’m responsible for the daily upbringing of these 5 precious souls. I’ve learned to multitask and come up with inventive ways of doing things. I’m the lunch-maker, driver, healer, meal-maker, cleaner-upper, listener, hugger, and bill-payer, among so many other things. As life gets fuller and more complicated with the constant changes and growth of personality in each child, I keep finding myself wishing for simpler times, as in figuring out ways to make life a little easier or a little less stressful, perhaps the way things used to be done “back in the day”. It has more recently got me thinking, there must be other parents out there who are wishing the same things – what if I can give some experience and advice on topics that matter? I’m sure we can all learn from each other, so I invite you to leave comments on what you read here, and share it with others you know will benefit from reading what’s here. Over time I’m hopeful that it will grow into an online place to come for advice and interest in all kinds of parenting topics – from pregnancy, to natural childbirth (I could really write a separate blog just for all that that entails!), to babies and breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth-diapering, parenting toddlers, travelling with a larger family, handling toddler temper tantrums, healthy eating, etc.

I’m not perfect. No family is. My kids and I are learning and growing every day. I make mistakes, as every parent does. I face challenges that many others don’t, and others face challenges that I know nothing about. Life has certainly gotten… “different” than I ever imagined it would, in the last year… but it’s something to which I’m learning to adapt.

I’ve always been interested in blogging because I love to write. I have several hobbies, but trying to find time for them is hard these days! I have (had) a small lifestyle photography business, but have been too busy with my kids and personal things going on to put anything into it lately. It’s something I really love to do and would love to pick up again at some point. But getting back to writing, it’s something I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a little girl. I used to write novels when I was a teenager and I do have a couple of things on the back burner now, as well. I also love to do research on things – it can be anything from the next place I want to travel to, like Scotland or Italy, to something I’m very serious and passionate about, like natural childbirth and midwifery.

Thus began my desire to start blogging. I feel passionate about many things, and I know there are others out there who share those passions. I have experiences I’d love to share, advice and tips and ideas that I found out about that I can share with others. Parenting is a challenging gig, and this is a place where like-minded parents can come to learn about these things, share their experiences, and share all of it with others who would be interested. It’s a broad subject, parenting, but I’ve tried to create something that is all-encompassing because there are so many facets to parenting! I am pro-co-sleep, pro-babywearing, pro-cloth diapering, I breastfed (in public, gasp!), and I birthed naturally. I am learning about how to eat healthily, and that what many consider healthy is not actually healthy at all. I have a larger family than many, and although there are also families out there with many more kids, I still consider my kids and I to be a “large” family, which brings new and different challenges into the picture. How do you keep a smoothly running home with so many kids? How do you travel with so many kids? There are so many topics to cover, and since I’m just getting started, it will take a while to build up… but please join me on this journey! Comment on those things that are important to you, and share posts with like-minded friends.

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