Working From Home/Travelling With Kids

I’ve seen a lot of mamas ask what other stay-at-home-moms do to help offset the financial burden that can come along with having multiple children. I’ve been one of those moms. I don’t want my husband to be the only breadwinner (that’s a big responsibility!), I want to contribute financially, I want our kids to have the things they need (and some of the things they want), and I don’t want us to struggle. Plus, I NEED to do something, it’s just in my bones. There are many reasons why stay-at-home-moms (or dads!) might be interested in working from home.

But what do you do? What earns you the money you’re looking for? How do you find something that works, that you like to do?

In my case, I don’t have anything specific in mind that I need to earn – I just want to help contribute to the financial table. I want us to be able to save up for things more quickly. And further down the road, I want us to retire well.

I like to write, I love computers. I like to connect with people that have similar interests, I like to discuss things that matter. So yes, naturally, I have a blog. Many people think that blogging can earn them money – and they certainly can, but it takes a lot of effort and determination, among other things.

Something else I absolutely love is travelling. Learning about different countries and cultures. I fully intend to be well travelled when I go to my grave! But I recently discovered that I can help others to travel, from my own home. There is still a huge market out there of people who travel and want someone to take care of all the research and booking for them – at no extra cost to them. (Many people don’t understand that, and think they need to pay a premium for the services of a travel agent – but this is not the case; travel agents are paid by commission from the actual travel service providers). So; I love travel, I like to connect with people, I want to earn an income. Combine those things and what do you get? A home-based travel agent. I recently decided to take the leap and become a travel agent, so I get to fulfill those desires (AND live vicariously through my clients as they go on the vacations I book for them!) 😉

The most important thing in figuring out how to acquire clients? Marketing. Specifically, word-of-mouth. I started with my family and friends, I built a Facebook page, and I market there. Social media is HUGE in marketing a business these days.

While you’re here, why not check it out? My Facebook page is here. My website is still coming, but should be up soon. I also place free ads on sites like Kijiji. I always include pictures, as many people are very visual. I want something visually appealing to potential clients, to capture their interest, to get them thinking about travelling, picturing themselves in the places in the photos, to get them to contact me and hopefully, to book with me. If you’re going to travel, there’s no reason not to book with a travel agent. It costs you nothing extra, you get superb service before, during and after your trip, and you get the knowledge and expertise of said travel agent. Plus, it saves you the hassle and the stress of having to put together your itinerary, the time it takes to do all the research, and potential mistakes when you go to book, if you’re not that familiar with doing bookings yourself. So, that’s what I’m here for! To take care of all of this, for each of my clients. It’s something I love to do, so I’m genuinely providing a beneficial service to them. Wherever they want to go, I can book it for them. Wherever they live, I can book it for them (that’s what’s so great about it – everything is done quickly and securely over the internet!).

These days, as larger families are becoming more popular again, travelling with kids and other family members is on the rise. There are certain hotel chains that cater to larger families, understanding that there are certain needs that pertain to them that may not matter to couples or families with only one or two kids. We, having five littles, are one of those larger families looking for resorts that have the things we need. Bigger rooms, more beds, connecting rooms, rooms with fridges and microwaves, enclosed bedrooms within suites, a second bathroom, kids activities, kids pools, family-centred restaurants and entertainment. Bigger vehicle rentals. Seats together on the plane. All of these things are what larger families are looking for (but it doesn’t stop there).

So because I am one of those moms in the larger family category, I’ve been researching this niche area a lot lately. I understand what it means to travel with multiple kids, especially young ones who all need a lot of attention, so I want to be able to connect on that level with my large family clients, and cater to them.

Have you been on a trip with your larger family? What sort of things did you find helpful? What things could you have used that you didn’t receive or have access to? What would make it easier for you? What were you so thankful for while travelling with your kids?

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