Fried Green Tomatoes with Spinach Egg Scramble

This morning I enjoyed a delicious, healthy breakfast that was chock-full of protein, vitamins and minerals. Whenever I eat something really healthy, I notice a difference in how I feel. I feel better – more awake, more energetic, and better equipped to handle the day. I also notice that I’m hungry less. It’s because the foods I’m eating aren’t full of empty calories and they’re not breaking down into unnecessary products. The foods I’m eating contain things my body needs and is satisfied with. And since breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, the healthier your breakfast is, the better.

So I started with some fresh, garden-picked, organic green tomatoes, 2 bowls and a small plate. I put about 1/2 a cup of coconut flour on the plate, mixed a free-range egg with some water in one bowl, and in the other bowl I dumped about 3/4 of a cup of the Wheat Belly Baking Mix that I posted about in my peanut butter breakfast ball recipe, and mixed in a bit of garlic powder, pepper and Herbamare zesty seasoning. I thickly sliced a couple of small tomatoes, covered both sides of each slice with the coconut flour, dipped it in the egg mixture, and then covered it in the baking mix. Next, I placed it a small pan heated with a generous amount of coconut oil, and fried the tomatoes for a couple of minutes per side, until each side was a nice, slightly crisp, golden brown.

Then, I cracked a couple of eggs in a frying pan with just a bit of coconut oil in it, and when the eggs were almost done, I added a generous handful of baby spinach. It only takes about a minute of stirring the eggs and spinach together to finish cooking the eggs and wilt the greens. I sprinkle in some Herbamare zesty seasoning as well.

The result:

Mmmmmmm. Bon appetit!

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