Breastfeeding – We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong!

This is absolutely fascinating! It shows us how a baby’s innate need to breastfeed can help us do it properly; pain-free, and easily. It is definitely worth reading, especially if you are pregnant. I sure wish I’d known about this with all 5 of my kids! I had come to expect the typical toe-curling pain that would start to occur a few days after my milk came, and would last for a few weeks until we “got the hang of it”, baby and I. Little did I know, if I just let baby  crawl up on his/her tummy, find me, and latch on him/herself, it would’ve made things a lot easier and not painful.

Click to read this Natural Breastfeeding article found on Please read give it a read, it’s full of so much common sense and information to help nursing women do it the right way!

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