Easy, Quick and Healthy Kid-Approved Lunches

I’m on a bit of a quest. I’d like to find some healthy lunch ideas for my kids. There are plenty of ideas out there, but many of them include breads, pastas and other things. A lot of people would think an egg salad sandwich is healthy, or maybe even gluten-free pasta. The trouble is, even things that are gluten-free are not necessarily healthy. Breads and pastas break down into sugars in our bodies… And that can translate into a host of problems that most people wouldn’t even think is stemming from food choices. I often resort to things like the good old PBJ sand which, or Mac and cheese, because these things are quick and easy, and my kids love them. But they are definitely not the healthiest options for them – and over time, this will lead to problems. Once in a while these things would be ok, but not all the time.

So I’ve put my question out there, asking for some healthy lunch options that are kid-approved. I’m assuming that I will get many answers that will be kid-approved, and maybe somewhat healthy, but I’m under the assumption that most answers will include things that will not be healthy, even though many people think they are.

What are some of your ideas for a healthy, quick and easy lunch for your kids? As soon as I get some ideas collected, I’ll be sharing my next post! Stay tuned… And leave your ideas below in a comment!

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